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August 13, 2017
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September 16, 2017
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Check out our fast and efficient blog writing service

Maintaining a website can be very time consuming. In many cases the bigger the site becomes, the more pairs of hands are needed to make sure that everything gets done correctly and on time.

This is why our blog writing service has been a godsend to many of our clients, who find that this type of service can help their website to run more efficiently.

In addition to the blog post writing, our team can also post the content for you for a slightly higher fee. We have a very good working knowledge of SEO and so can implement all your SEO requirements after the blog post has been written. This includes things like your Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords and any interlinking for both internal and external links.

Well researched articles

Our writers are able to write content for any niche and take the pressure off the content creation side of things. With our blog post writing service you can also rest assured that only 100% unique content is posted at all times.

As we have mentioned throughout the site, building long term relationships with clients is important and so if you are looking for more of a hands-free approach or just an extra pair of hands then our team can offer either a ‘pay as you go’ service or a monthly commitment for an ongoing working relationship.

Getting the SEO right

When it comes to the SEO side of things we have all the the necessary SEO tools to carry out good keyword research and can implement LSI for you within the content that we produce.

For LSI content and extensive keyword research please choose the premium content category which is priced at $0.06 per word.

By using LSI within the content we can ensure that for every blog produced that we are getting the maximum exposure in terms of the number of different keywords ranking per post.

Writing the content for the reader

Taking care of the SEO within your content is no problem, but naturally the reader should come first.

We don’t stuff the content full of keywords just for the sake of the search engine. We ensure that the content is structured in the right way and is engaging for your readers first and foremost.

The next step

The team at Article Writing Services are available via email and live chat.

If you know exactly what you require and you just want to go ahead and order, then please just choose your content option and the number of words, make the payment and a member of our team will contact you directly with any questions about your order.

Blog Posts are generally ready within 5 – 7 days. If you need a faster turnaround then we can generally do this, but for a slightly higher fee than advertised on the website; This includes an option to get content delivered within 24 hours.


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