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The Importance of a native English speaking writer

When it comes to running a successful website it is important that spelling, punctuation and grammar are of a very high standard.

It is firstly very important for your prospective clients who need to feel confident in your product or service when browsing your site to actually buy your product or service and secondly for the search engine, in order to achieve good rankings.

The low cost freelancer option

There are many super cheap content options available for freelancers who are non-native English speaking but more often than not, they just do not deliver the goods as promised.

This can be either low quality content, poor spelling and grammar, spun content, or a combination of all three in some cases!

Even though many of these freelancers will use spelling and grammar checking tools to correct many issues, it simply isn’t a substitute for being a native writer from our experience.

If you are tired of using low cost freelancers on various cheap websites that offer genuine article writing, only to be let down with work that is delivered late and in some cases even copied, then make sure you give our genuine content writing service a try!

We can guarantee that all of our writers are native English speaking and that all of our work is 100% unique. This combined with good SEO will ensure that your site has nothing holding it back from ranking on plenty of keywords in whichever search engine you are targeting.

Google updates

With the constant Google updates such as the Panda update, copied content has become more and more of an issue for webmasters to contend with and this is actually where many websites will encounter SEO issues.

It might not be the speed the website, the quality of the website code, the on page or off page SEO that is letting you down, but simply by using article writers that are producing low quality or partly copied content that is being flagged by the Google algorithm!

Although Copyscape is a great tool, it does miss things that Google will not and so when using an article writing service such as ours you can be assured of totally unique content for every order!

Protecting your content

Investing in a lot of good website content can be expensive and many website owners ask us how they can protect against content being stolen.

For this there are options that can be deployed such as disabling the right click option on the mouse, highlighting content, or even disabling the CTRL + C command.

This does work and is effective, but people that really do want to steal content can circumvent this quite easily.

Although Google has become better at detecting people using copied content, one of the best ways to go about protecting your website copy is by using a company such as DMCA. If you learn how to file the cases yourself through DMCA, it is also very reasonable pricewise.

This will ensure that on the successful appeal of copied content that the offending page is removed from the search engine, which in turn will protect you from being unfairly penalized during any further updates.

Get in touch with us Today!

If you are looking for good quality content at reasonable prices then contact us at Article Writing Services. We are looking to build long term relationships with businesses that require regular content and you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands when you choose our services!


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