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One of the specialist niches that we have a lot of clients for and therefore also gained a lot of knowledge on is plumbing and heating. We look after clients in different countries for this subject and can confidently deliver GREAT content at LOW prices! So whether you have a content for a plumbing site or you want regular blog posts made for your site then we are here to help.

Individual Pages for Areas

Working with many tradesmen across the world we have found that micro targeting areas and even micro targeting trades is particularly effective for their business. An example of this might be a boiler repair company in London. A user that is looking for a boiler repair in Brixton for example, is more likely to use either the area Brixton within their search or let’s say the postcode ‘SW2’ for example, rather than in many cases ‘London’ or even ‘South West London’. It therefore makes sense to have individual pages for the different areas and not just one large umbrella page for the South West London area.

How this has changed after the Google Panda Update

One of the key points of the Google Panda update was duplicate and low quality content. Taking the example from above, prior to this update webmasters would simply copy and paste reams of content changing minor details on each page, allowing them to target thousands of different keywords. This of course will now fall foul of Google’s duplicate or low content penalty and so now every page of content if using this system does need to be 100% unique.

This is where we come in! It is a popular request from many different trades in areas across the world for tradesmen that travel to service clients in different areas. Although we have many clients in the Plumbing and Heating space, we work with Electricians, Carpenters, Painters, Locksmiths, CCTV companies and many more for the same type of service.

Can I be assured of 100% Unique Content?

Absolutely we would never waste a clients time or our own with sub-standard content. We offer 100% unique content at all times and if we don’t cover the subject as to your requirements we will always go back and offer free revisions.

Do you offer a pay as you go service?

We offer both a pay as you go service for this or a monthly fee dependent on a certain amount of content per month. To take advantage of our cheap article writing service for a plumbing website then please contact us through the contact form on the website TODAY!

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