The benefit of using long form content for your SEO

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September 26, 2017
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the benefit of long form content

With competition in many niches online very fierce, webmasters and business owners are always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. One of the key things for getting your website noticed online, is not just the quality of the content, but also the quantity.

By this, we mean the quantity per page or per blog post, and this is often referred to as long form content.

Thin content has been an issue with Google since their Panda update in 2012. This was an update that affected roughly 12% of websites online, and it was from this point that many webmasters really sat up and took notice of the drawbacks to thin content for their website or blog.

We work for many website owners to provide unique and fresh content for their websites. This might be keeping their blog up to date with fresh content, or just general website content. In our opinion, when competing in a popular niche it is advisable to at least produce articles and blog posts to a minimum of 1000 words. By going above and beyond this with well researched and written content, we believe that you give your website an extra advantage over some of the competition.

Studies on Long Form Content

Over the years, many sites have produced statistics on how the quantity of words correlates to rank in the search engines.

One recent example of this was via serpIQ. The study that they produced tracked over 20,000 keywords. The conclusion of the study showed that of this sample, the average content length for the top 10 ranking websites was around 2,000 words. It also showed that the top spot #1 in search had approximately 2,416, whereas the #10 would on average have just over 2,000 words.

Some good examples of long form content

If you look online, you certainly won’t have to look very far to find great content ranking very well on thousands of keywords.

However, one of the main issues with producing long form content, is keeping the user engaged. This is where a good use of media and on-page SEO needs to be used in order to succeed.

This requires a good use of line spacing, effective use of headings, images and video to name a few of the aspects that need attention to get the desired result from your long form content.

Some good examples include:

Johnny Cassell – The Ultimate Guide on How to Get A Girlfriend

A very well written piece which succeeds in keeping the user engaged. – The Machine Learning Revolution

A fantastic long piece on machine learning and how this will impact SEO

Using us to produce Long Form Content for your website or blog

At Article Writing Services we work together with many webmasters to help with content curation. Our prices are very reasonable, and we feel that the content we produce is offers extremely good value.

If you would like to order with us, please choose from our budget, standard or premium content. If you would like to get more information, then please use our live chat facility to go through your requirements with a member of staff.

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